Absolute Gym - Home work Out
Absolute Gym - Home work Out
Absolute Gym - Home work Out
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Absolute Gym - Home work Out

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Absolute Gym is the most powerful, versatile, compact, independent and affordable complete portable home gym system in the world. Its also extremely variable with a resistance range between 10lbs to 704lbs.

Absolute Gym is a complete portable 15 piece home gym set consisting to of;

2 Footplates

2 Arched press up bars

2 Handles

8 Resistance bands of your choice

Rucksack/travel bag

It also comes with free subscription to my youtube channel where I host a full series of split training sessions based specifically on the use of Absolute Gym as you can train every muscle with this world leading product (over 200 exercises in total).

I host training sessions on ;

Shoulders workout

Chest workout

Back workout

Legs workout

Biceps workout

Triceps workout

Abs & obliques workout

Basically meaning you will be buying a completely independent portable gym product that requires absoltely nothing else to function;

No need for kettle bells,

No need for door frames

No need for wall brackets

No need for structural framework

No need for freeweights

No need for a weight bench

Has 24 levels of resistance to suit everyone's ability.

Absolute Gym is 100% Independent

Can be used indoors & outdoors

Weighs under 2kg & is the most compact gym in the world.