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Keeping warm for Sports in the winter . Why buy a basleayer garment?

The weathers definitely getting colder and at this time Farrell Sports sell a lot of Baselayer product . Are they worth the money ?

We think so , here is some informtion we share with customers when they are buying such items to help you decide

Why buy a base layer garment ?

Well here are a several advantages that base layers provide the wearer with:

Muscle Compression

Base layers are also sometimes referred to as ‘compression wear’ due to the stretchable fabric that provides the wearer with a tight fitting under garment. This compression of the wearer’s muscles is the key benefit of base layer clothing.

By compressing your muscles during and after exercise, a base layer helps greatly reduce the build up of lactic acid in the body. Ever had stiff or sore muscles after exercise? That’s due to the build of of lactic acid in your core muscle areas. Therefore by wearing a base layer top and shorts, you can greatly aid the time it takes your body to recover.

The compression element helps prevent injury during sporting activity. By keeping your muscles compressed, but at the same time free to move, a good base layer significantly reduces the chance of muscular strain and injury.Skins were the first brands to specialise in this are and by general opinon regarded as the market leaders.

Moisture Wicking

This is another primary benefit that a quality base layer will provide for the wearer. Moisture wicking base layers work by drawing sweat away from the wearer’s body during exercise and allowing it to evaporate on the surface of the material, rather than on the skin. With a good compression fit, almost all sweat that is produced is captured by the base layer and evaporates quickly. This provides several benefits, keeping the wearer dry and light during exercise. You want to perform at your peak at all times, but being drenched in sweat hinders performance by increasing body weight and causing uncomfort for the athlete. Wearing a high quality base layer made from polyester or nylon will draw sweat away from the body, increasing comfrot and enhancing performance.

Temperature Control

A good base layer will help regulate your body temperature during exercise. If you’re going to be playing your sport in cold conditions, during the winter or in evenings, you’ll definitely want a base layer designed for this purpose. Keeping your core muscles warm is vitally important for maintaining performance and avoiding injury. Of course a thorough warm-up is essential, but on the coldest of days your muscles will be highly succeptable to injury. Base layers designed for cold conditions often use a thicker fabric than warm-weather base layers, or those designed for all seasons. Naturally, a thicker fabric helps keep warm air close to the body and increase core temperature. They are often manufactured with a brushed inner finish, which offers even better heat-retention. Canterbury offer an extensive range of base layers designed with cold weather conditions in mind.

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