Did you play rugby at Whitehaven Grammar School ? YES Then you will like this .....

Garmmar School Rugby Shirts Whitehaven

Whitehaven Grammar School is no more . Alas it is now just plain Whitehaven Academy .Shame

However for decades it was a school that boasted a proud sports tradition ,. Under the watchful eye of PE teachers Ian Watson and Howard Jeffrey  the schools Rugby Union teams were a match for anyone and had the school boasted  a top class fixture list against the Top rugby Schools in the North  and many lads not least myself have fond memories of those days .

One old boy and Rugby and cricket legend  Phil McCormick visited Farrell Sports  a few months ago and we got talking and we talked about the iconic Maroon , Green and Gold rugby shirts that were very much part of playing School rugby .


So we decdied to go ahead and get some manufactured and the attched photo is the result . We placed an intial order and these arrrived and quickly sold out . No surprise there maybe .

We are offering these for sale to any ex Grammar school   student , You can pre order yours for  delivery before Christmas .

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