England Win Test Series but When will It Happen Again ?

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England Rugby Leagues  20-14 win over  New Zealand Kiwis  last Saturday  was a great day out , and I certainly enjoyed the game and seeing England win a Test Series for the first time in 8 years .

Defeating the the Rugby League world’s No1 side was a great boost for Rugby League in this country with the resultant Media  Coverage ; All Good stuff . So  with a clutch of talented young players ready to lead the England team into a critical couple of years, the future undoubtedly looks bright. Lets have more !Well yes but what happens next ?

Bring on the Australians ! Absolutely , there hasn't been an Ashes series since 2003  , but it won't be for some time , next year its the Four Nations   and in 2017 its the Rugby League World cup .So the earliest we could take on the Kanagaroos in a 3 game Test Series would be  2018 ,

Super League may have be good for the game in many ways, but degradation  of the Old Fashioned 3 match  Test Series to an infrequent offering cannot be in the games  best interests.

International competition is what gets the game noticed in the media and beyond the M62 Corridor , a Test Series against the Aussies in 2016 would have been massive for Rugby League  , but somehow I just can't imagine the Four nations having the same impact , Do You ?

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