Back to the Future :Roger Millwards Legacy

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For an old timer like myself the concept of Super League sometimes has a hollow ring to it , Brought up on game in the 1970s and 80s I sometimes find it diffcult to  agree with the the game in the Super  League is better than what we had when I was a lad .

One of my Rugby League heroes , Roger Millward , a small guy in stature, but a Rugby League Legend who sadly passed away this week . He was one of a host of Half Backs of that era , small but so skilful , he could create tries  out of nothing . Its perhaps no coincidence that he played for Great Britain when we last won the Ashes 

But current Super  League seems to be unable to develope such players 

Phil Clarke tribute to Roger Millward on Sky Sports websitemil

The late Roger Millward epitomised the sort of play that is in danger of disappearing from the game....... I hope his legacy can be an inspiration to the next generation of midfield maestros.

Joe Stewart  Ex Whitehaven RLFC  and Cumbria  response to the Phil Clarkes Sky Sports article   make interesting reading  

"All we do now is coach big collisions! Take them off for a rest bring on the next big lad do the same and so on!and now we wonder why the injuries are of high numbers!! Yes we've always had the collision but in the day when subs were limited creativity came in when the big lads played a lot more minutes and tired!! I may be a old school player but I think I know which version of the game I would rather watch let's get back to subs to a lower limit and see how it goes!! Let the creative half back return!! Up the old school!!"


I'm with you on this one Joe ! What do you think ?



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