British Lions 2017 Shirt - How and Why its made !

 For many Years over 60 years in fact, the British and Irish Lions kit has remained the same. The red jersey, the white shorts and the blue socks, the iconic strip that every school kid playing weekend rugby in Wales, Ireland, England and Scotland dreams of wearing one day.

The British and Irish Lions kit might no longer be made of cotton, and it might have sponsorship badges sewn on, but it still carries the same connotations it always has done, a mark that the player wearing it has got to the top of their game, and is playing at the highest possible level.

And thousands of fans, including those staying at home, and those making the trip to the Southern Hemisphere for the British and Irish Lions tour, will be donning their replica jerseys this year. But just what goes into the deisgn and manufacture of this iconoc shirt ?

This video goes some way to explaining

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